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When considering safety, we have the means to lay the pathway to success.

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Monday to Thursday 8:00 – 17:00. Friday 8:00 – 14:00. Saturday and Sunday closed. P.O.Box 17070, 2260 Latsia, Nicosia, Cyprus +357 22769900 +357 22769902 [email protected]
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Dubai Project

When it comes to safety, we can pave the road to success!


Traffix Devices Scorpion II METRO TL2 

Midsign installed its first Traffix Devices Scorpion II METRO TL2 and is ready to hit the roads of UAE!
We are proud to say that the Scorpion II Metro spotlighted as #6 on the list of “ROAD TECHNOLOGIES THAT HAVE REACHED A NEW LEVEL” by Techzone.

Its mission is to save lives in work zone areas! The Scorpion II Metro is the shortest TL-2 Plus MASH TMA on the market with a length of only 8 ft (2.44 m), and a vertical storage height of less than 11.2 ft (3.4m), making it ideal for urban areas. The Scorpion II Metro provides full width impact protection by redirecting the impacting vehicle away from the “coffin corner” with its patented curved aluminum tube frames, and energy absorbing modules. The curved aluminum tubes provide protection against nuisance impacts while providing re-directional capabilities along the entire length of the TMA. Each energy absorbing module is made powder coated aluminum boxes with an aluminum honeycomb core for maximum durability and longevity.

The Scorpion II Metro is MASH Tested, Passed and Eligible at “infinite weight” allowing attachment to host vehicles with curb weights of only 7,500 lbs (3,402 kg), such as a Ford F-550.

Like the rest of the Scorpion line of impact attenuators, the Scorpion II Metro has a modular design that crushes in progressive stages, slowing the vehicle to a stop, and allowing easy replacement of damaged parts. This keeps your repair costs down, and helps to reduce waste entering our landfills.

Delta mobile Retroreflectometer LTL-M

Midsign in Dubai with their first Installation in UAE of the Delta mobile Retroreflectometer LTL-M for road markings.

The LTL-M measures night visibility RL, daylight contrast, marking width, road stud (RRPMs) presence, etc.

The 1×1 m2 viewing field makes it easy for a driver to cover a line. Advanced camera-based techniques and real-time digital image processing ensure accurate measurement results in all driving conditions. To mount and calibrate the LTL-M takes just 15 minutes without other adjustments or control measures. The use of the GPS can determine precisely where specific measurements have been performed. The overhead camera supports additional visual inspection of problem areas when reviewing automatically stored data.

Avery Dennison Visiflex™ V-8000 used on Dubai Ambulance Vehicles

Providing striking and bold reflectivity to critical safety and emergency vehicles, or stylizing vehicles with extreme accents and flair, VisiFlex V-8000 reflective prismatic vinyl is a durable and effective solution when high visibility is desired. With 6 colors, including 2 fluorescent colors, the future of vehicle reflectivity is bright.

Avery Dennison VisiFlex™ V-8000 Series High Visibility Reflective Film is engineered to improve the day and night time visibility of emergency response, utility, and construction fleets. Highly reflective vehicle markings can improve detection and recognition, giving drivers more time to react safely and avoid a collision. 

VisiFlex V-8000 Series offers durable, vibrant daytime colors. At night, its bold, high quality microprismatic retroreflective elements efficiently return light at a wide range of angles. The single layer construction simplifies application, and eliminates the requirement for edge sealing.

Designed to be flexible, VisiFlex is purposely engineered for vehicle application, and offers excellent cutting and conformability for converters and installers.


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