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Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Products

Division designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of prismatic and glass-bead retro reflective films used throughout the world. We help make roadways safer by being everywhere you walk, cycle, and drive.


OmniCube Retroreflective Prismatic Sheeting

The robust performance characteristics of Avery Dennison OmniCube™ full cube reflective sheeting make it the perfect choice for applications requiring high reflectivity at both long and short distances. Its full cube prisms are nearly 100 percent efficient – returning approximately 60 percent of the available light back to the driver, compared to only 40 percent light returned with most other prismatic sheetings.

Peek Traffic Corporation

Peek Traffic Corporation is a customer-focused provider for the transportation
management systems market. It is committed to employing advanced technologies with the highest level of quality, service and value to its customers. Peek strives to maintain its quality levels through a process of continual improvements to provide its customers with the best possible solutions for their needs.


Rayolite mission is to insure public safety by providing quality reflective pavement markers delineating highways aroung the world. Its contined research and development for more innovative designs is unequalled worldwide. Rayolite will continue to Insure Public Safety through Highway Visibility well into the 21st century.

Traffix Devices

Our product line includes plastic channelizer drums, portable sign stands and roll-up signs, plastic barricades, 28″ and 42″ cones and tubular delineators, vertical panels, barricade lights, safety vests, stop/slow paddles and our newest addition to the product line: The TrafFix Impact Attenuator Sand Barrel System, “Big Sandy” – This new product has been tested to NCHRP 350 crash test requirements (TL3) and has received federal approval as well as state.


DELTA´s RoadSensors products have been key solutions in ensuring worldwide safety at night-time driving on roads and in airports. Our advanced and reliable measurement solutions – mobile as well as hand-held – are renowned for ensuring optimal conditions for all drivers.



Ver-Mac is a worldwide leading manufacturer of electronic traffic control equipment including solar portable variable message signs, light towers, arrowboards, traffic signals, speed signs, cameras and sensors. Ver-Mac’s JamLogic software brings intelligence to work zones by providing real-time traffic management solutions. Our vertically integrated manufacturing facility and leading-edge R&D department allow Ver-Mac to provide the traffic safety industry with the highest quality state-of-the-art products and solutions.

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